Monday, November 1, 2010

My little collection :)


  1. Looks great Jes!

    I see you have one of the Modemo type 300s - these are the mainstay of my tram fleet... Where are the PCC cars from?

    P.s. like the tree too!

  2. Thanks Ben! I think the Modemo 300 is one of the smoothest running LRV's around, just a pity it doesn't like tight curves. I have two Bachmann PCC's, one from Toronto and one with a generic Yellow livery.
    The tree is a white metal casting from Woodland Scenics. Still debating whether it'll get green foliage or if I'll keep it like this and put some brow leaves around it on the ground...

  3. Yes the type 300 is really best suited to modern light rail-type layouts rather than old fashioned tramways... The Kato Portram though will go around almost any radius!

    I was wondering if you had modified the Bachmann PCC's at all? The ones I have seen tend to look quite 'high one the wheels' wheras yours look more realistic.

  4. P.s. did your T7B5 arrive yet?

  5. Hi Ben
    Im afraid thats just the angle of the photo... the pcc are just straight out of the box. Havent found a suitable replacement chassis for it yet. Perhaps the new adjustable tomix chassis will be useable to improve the looks! (and performance)
    No t7b5 yet, will definately post some pictures when it arrives!

  6. I was so busy enjoying your trams and the buildings that I missed the tree! I've been thinking about setting my layout in sort of a 'winter/fall' period with trees without leaves and so forth, and wasn't sure what was available. Thanks!

  7. Jerry,That's exactly what I'm thinking about for my layout. Just something different. Woodland has a whole range of white metal trees, which can be bent in any shape, very easy to work with.