Monday, November 15, 2010

Auhagen 14464

Got this kit at the local hobby shop today. It contains two 4 storey 50's/60's German apartment buildings. The design is generic enough to make them useable almost anywhere in the world.
The kit comes with a white/greyish and a light yellow building, but the rather shiny plastic definately needs a coat of paint.
German manufacturers have a good habit of casting the window frames seperately, which always makes the painting process a lot easier. Also nice: all side walls in the kits are moulded together.

It's not the most detailed kit but it's cheap (€ 16,-) and has a big plus: it's completely modular, you can build the buildings any way you want really. The builings can get a tiled roof or a flat roof, fitted with balconies or without, the ground floor layout can be changed, and the best of all: buildings can stacked on top of eachother and multiple kits can be combined.

I really like this modular approach. This is my first Auhagen kit and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised, looking forward to building it!

A couple examples:

Ah, and the alcoholics were on sale :)


  1. Thanks for the review! I have the same kit but have yet to open it up! Great that they made it modular! Now that I see how its put together, I may order a couple of more and use this to make another large apartment complex! Cool!

  2. I've played a little more with it and found that the floors are actually a little low, especially compared to Japanese buildings/kits.
    But I must say the Auhagen kits don't look too bad in the background. I think I'll buy a couple more and cut them in halve to use as half-relief in the background.