Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ivanovo tram: just another sad story

I came across these videos (by Trolleway) shot on the last day of tram service in Ivanovo, a Russian city that has closed down its last remaining tram line in june 2008. Sadly a story in  more Russian cities, unwilling/unable to invest in track maintenance and new stock: Arkhangelsk (july 2004), Astrakhan (may 2007) and Voronezh (april 2009).

Last day of Ivanovo tram - cabview
Tracks on closed lines and last two trams in service


  1. We live in an odd time, when many cities are excitedly investing in new tramways, while others let theirs atrophy or die.

  2. You're right Nick, it's a shame those cities don't see the value of rail transport. I guess I'm lucky to live in a country where plans for new tram networks are popping up everywhere.