Friday, October 15, 2010

Fresh tram news

From N-Gauge Information:
In spring 2011, Tomytec will be releasing a model of the 2000 series tram in Kyoto and Matsushima liveries. If I understand it correctly, a new chassis is being developed for this tram, which will be adjustable in lenght. This would make it great news for modelers, definately worth following!

And then there's also news from Modemo. Plans are to develop a model of a 5000 series Hiroshima 'Green Mover' LRV, a Siemens Combino. The tram will have a flywheel and working head and tail lights. A model which will undoubtedly look good on many European layouts as well.

Good modeltramnews just keeps coming these days :)


  1. Great news! It seems N scale trams are becoming much more 'mainstream'!

    Incidentally there is a model of the combino available in N scale already:

    - though I daresay the Modemo version may be cheaper and smoother running!

  2. Welcome, Nanotheater and Ben! Great news indeed, I'm sure the Combino will be a great model, Modemo models are usually extremely well running. Can't wait!