Sunday, January 30, 2011

City planning

One of the great things about building a layout in modules is that it allows you to change your mind during the build. I've never been the kind of guy who comes up with a plan and than spends years realizing it, so you'll guess what happened... ;)

My initial plans were to build a tramway located somewhere in northern France, but when building the first module, I've gotten rather inspired by the tramway systems in the former USSR and eastern Europe (this site, for instance, has loads of great pictures). The current module, dominated by one of the omni-present apartment blocks, was inspired by some of those systems. I don't think it'll look too bad next to the older buildings. The tramway's new goal is to provide transportation between the residential and central part of the city, using second-hand stock bought from several countries around the world (conveniently ;) ).

My idea is to make at total of 4 modules, of which the current ones will be the middle modules. At the left side, a turning loop with a depot and a couple of staging tracks will be build, In the back some half-relief apartment buildings, representing the residential area of the city.
The right loop will be located in the city center, a busy street scene, with a row of older buildings in the style of the Artitec facades in the background and some 60's/70's office/commercial buildings in the middle of the loop.

Now, rhe name Lileau sounds a little too French for a eastern European city... Any suggestions? ;)


  1. sorry no suggestions for a name- but liking the concept

  2. I like the idea as well! When I think of some interesting E. Europe locales, I think of the Baltics....never been there, but the whole Lithuania, Estonia, etc.. names always interested me. Just playing around...what about "Baltikia"

  3. Hi Jes,
    You could rename our project to "Lilow", as this sounds to me like a town in East-Germany or further east (Poland, Ukrain, Russia).

  4. Love the concept and your entire blog! Just wanted to say thanks for the ideas and reaffirming my thought of what kind of layout I could do in a very small space. Only problem is looking at all your great models makes me want to go out an buy more.

  5. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the kind words and name suggestions! Lilow sounds good, that might be a keeper :)
    Michael, in what wat is that a problem? ;) Glad my little blog inspires you!