Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Auhagen Platz

May I introduce you my new bit of layout: Auhagen Platz. A hommage to the manufacturer of the big Eastern German prefab building that adorns the square. The space next to the plattenbau will be used for some greenery and perhaps a kiosk or a fastfood burger place.

Conveniently, the inhabitants of Auhagen Platz will get their own tram stop with a good connection to leave their neighbourhood and do some shopping downtown. At Auhagen Platz the tramway leaves the concrete midtown environment to continue as a ballasted track towards Lileau's suburbs.

Looking forward to do some urban building again. Any ideas are of course welcome!


  1. HEy there ... have you seen the video clips of this HO scale tram layout (the behind the scenes one is especially cool


  2. That's some amazing modeling. Thanks for sharing!

  3. nice- very nice with a good backstory

  4. That's a great photo on the left side! Its really coming together nicely!