Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A tram with issues

The newest addition to my German tram fleet is this lovely little Kato model. I think it looks great next to the Arnold Düwag. Despite its looks the performances are... well disappointing. The model can't make it a single time around the layout without stalling. Adding some lead helped a little, but still it doesn't negotiate the turnouts gracefully. I think the solution will be to convert the tram to overhead power, but that will have to wait untill later. For now she just has to stand there and  be pretty :)


  1. Interesting...I've been looking at some of the new releases from Kato, too bad they don't seem to have the same reliability as most of their products do. Although I do have a MicroAce tram with a similar problem...I think its because its so light that its hard for it to maintain good electrical contact. Anyway, I plan on adding weight to see if that helps!

  2. Yup, the little tram only has 2 axles and almost no weight. Combined with a trailer car without electrical pickup that makes a poor runner. I have been thinking of a couple of possible solutions:
    1. convert to overhead power (probably too much a challenge for me at this point),
    2. fabricate electrical pickup on the trainer wheels, and use a small connector to couple. Should be doable.
    3. (the easiest, yet most expensive) buy another motor car, and use the chassis to power the trailer. This should be an exact fit.
    I'm also very interested in your approach. Hope it helps!

  3. I've had similar experiences. Lead helps. Occasionally I disassemble & clean the backs of the wheels & contacts; that gives me a little while of good running.

    I posted about it here:


    Also, hi! We seem to have quite similar modeling projects underway.

    Nick (in California)

  4. Thanks for the tip Nick, I'll definately try that! I really like your blog, and have been following it for a while now. You may even have inspired me here and there on this project :)