Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A peach from Tomytec

A little package from Plaza Japan arrived today. It contained this beautiful model of the Okayama Railway 9200 series ´Momo´ (which means peach in Japanese) from the Tomytec Tetsudou Collection. Like the previously released PORTRAM´s, the tram body easily slides onto a TM/LRT01 chassis, making it an excellent runner. No problem at all with turnouts and tight curves.

The body is coloured light grey (a little metallic even, or is that just the light reflection?), making it, at least in my opinion, a more appealing model than the PORTRAM. It doesn't have such a clean look. I really like the livery it comes in, which was designed by the famous Japanse designer Eiji Mitooka. The biggest difference with the PORTRAM is the extra door at the rear end. This makes the tram more convincing for right-hand traffic.

I think the front also looks a lot better. I has many nice details. Especially the headlights stand out. Pantograph and roof details are identical to the PORTRAM.

I'm sure this model will be a real eye-catcher on any N scale tram layout. At least it will be on mine :)

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