Saturday, December 4, 2010

T7B5 from Oslo (2)

Lileau residents are very happy with the arrival of the new Oslo tram in the city.
Shorty after the arrival of the transport from the Czech Republic, the T7B5 was spotted doing test runs. The opinion of both staff and onlookers: A great gain for the city!

Read more about the model and prototype in a previous post.


  1. I liked this tram before when you first described it, but I like it even BETTER now seeing it on your diorama/layout! Looks really great!

  2. Thanks Jerry! You may have guessed I'm very happy with it! And it's a great runner as well. Now the only thing I need is a couple more modules to actually do some running ;)

  3. great work, I am intending a small one, and I am working on my first Model Railway set, I'm wondering a layout on how to make a train go in both direction without reversing on the same track can you please suggest some layouts please?

    got Inspired by seeing this video of the World's Biggest Model train Display

    Great Work and craftmanship, Can't get those models in the video out of my Head, can you all suggest an smart small design?