Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some (new) products

A couple of N scale tram-related products I recently learned about:

New from GHB International is this model of a Birney Streetcar, in the double truck variety. Prices of this nice model start at $ 39,- for an unpainted shell and $ 59,- for a motorized model, add $ 16,- for a working trolley pole. A painted model will cost $ 20,- extra per colour. But for that, you can get the model in any livery you like. I'm shure this model will find its way to many US trolley layouts!

Finescale und mehr does these brass N gauge tram rails, both in a NEM (=N standard) and finescale variety. A package costs € 23,-, which is enough to make a meter of track. Not a bad price! Note: the cobble stones have to be ordered separately.

Speaking of tram track, Tomix Wide Tram Track is slowly becoming available in online stores. Hobby Search lists the following items at the moment:
0113 - Rail Joiners
1790 - 140mm straight 2x
1790 - 70mm straight 2x
1796 - R140 curves, 2x 30 degrees, 2x 60 degrees
1797 - R177 curves, 2x 30 degrees, 2x 60 degrees
91085 Mini rail basic set
91086 Super Mini oval set

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