Monday, May 31, 2010

Some great new models

My name is Jes and I'd like to share my experiences with tramway (trolley) modelling on this blog. Welcome! For all of you who have been, like me, under a rock the past year (well, at least, in modeltramland that is), here are some highlights of all new available tram models in N scale (which are many!).

First of all, and I'm very excited about this one, there's the all-new Düwag M/N type M6 from Hobbytrain/Lemke. Three liveries will be available: Bogestra, Mülheim/Ruhr and Nürnberger Verkehrsbetriebe. I particularly like the yellow/white/grey Mülheim livery. Release date and price: unknown at the moment.

Then, there's the re-release of the an old favourite, the Arnold Düwag 'strassenbahn'. Again there will be three different liveries: Creme with 'Jägermeister' advert from Bochum, creme with 'Persil' advert from Düssendorf (apparently only available form Menzel's Lokschuppen in Düsseldorf), and the yellow/blue Essen livery.

From Tomytec there are three new trams for the TM-LRT01 chassis, like the Okayama railway variant on the left. Also available: the red Manyosen MLRV 1000 and the red/white Kumamoto type 0800. The design of the three new trams is similar to the PORTRAM series.
Finally, the good old Bachmann PCC trolley. Now in five new variants: Cincinnati, New York 3rd Avenue, Kansas City, Toronto and St. Louis Railways. At the left the Toronto livery.

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